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About Us


LANZA was founded by expats who were administrating the ANZ Club of Luxembourg - a web based social club for Australian and New Zealand expats in Luxembourg & surrounding areas. 

In 2010 we agreed to  transform the ANZ Club into LANZA, a registered non-profit association for expats similar in scope and objectives to other expat associations in Luxembourg.

The ANZ Club became the social club within LANZA. 


LANZA is registered with the Luxembourg Reception and Integration Agency (OLAI) whose remits include the reception and integration of foreigners, the fight against discrimination, and the follow-up of migrations issues. 

LANZA is also a member of the  CLAE - Comité de Liaison des Associations d'Etrangers. 

And, LANZA is connected with all other expat associations in Luxembourg and the Australian Business in Europe (ABIE) network.

ANZ Club

The Australia & New Zealand Club of Luxembourg is the social club for expats living and working in Luxembourg and the surrounding regions. The club has been organising events for expats since 2005. 

We organise social events throughout the year including dinners, drinks and barbecues. 

You maybe surprised to know that there are over 100 Australians and New Zealanders living and working in Luxembourg, so why not connect with the ANZ Club and get connected with the expat world in Luxembourg. 


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Are you new to Luxembourg?

If you have newly arrived in Luxembourg it is comforting to know that the expat communities in Luxembourg are huge, well organised and we are all interconnected. 

An excellent source of material for new arrivals is the book Living in Luxembourg which is published by the American Women’s Club of Luxembourg (AWCL). 

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